Technology and the Future of Senior Living

Even though the boomer population is not retiring as early due to recent recession years, more than 40 million people are expected to retire in the U.S. over the next 25 years. Retirees are looking for cost-effective senior care living facilities only to find there are not many options available and the supply is steadily […]

Recent Hurricanes Spotlight Benefits of Telemedicine

With the recent devastation brought on by hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Telemedicine has been in the spotlight playing a big role in delivering medical care to victims trapped in homes and shelters. In a fortuitous twist of fate, earlier this year Texas became the last of the 50 states to abolish the requirement that patient-physician […]

The Importance of Maintaining Skills and Certifications in Your Career

Hiring employees who lack technical knowledge or don’t have the right skills for a job can prove to be costly in terms of both employee turnover and damage to a company’s reputation.  Validating a candidate’s certifications is quickly becoming one of the primary tools employers are using to guard against costly risks to their organization. […]

Digital Ceiling Technology

80 percent of employees today say they want to work for companies that are digitally-enabled. With technology constantly evolving, building technology has become a key component in meeting the demand of a digitally-enabled workplace while improving safety, productivity, and comfort for building occupants and employees. Solutions like Cisco’s Digital Ceiling Technology utilize IoT to incorporate […]

VoIP Plays Integral Role in Daily Communications

Do you know what happens when Voice over Internet Protocol shuts down? Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP,  is technology that delivers voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks. Simply put, VoIP allows computers and telephones to communicate; for today’s connected business, VoIP is critical for communication functions. Understanding the need […]

The Great Equalizer: Technology and Special Needs Students

By: Steve Meany, CEO The past decade has seen a steady increase in the prevalence of autism, Asperger’s, and Pervasive Development Disorder. Today, it’s estimated that one in 68 children fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. While there’s been a tremendous amount of awareness raised over the same time, there are still some misunderstandings about […]

How Cities Can Help Schools Bridge the Digital Divide

By: Steve Meany, CEO In an earlier post, we talked about the lack of broadband service to school districts in rural areas, the resulting homework gap for students, and the need for comprehensive strategies to develop improved access for every community. These strategies will need to come not only from the school systems themselves, but […]

Internet Access in Classrooms Is Not Enough for Many Students

By: Steve Meany, CEO In an effort to bridge the so-called digital divide, school districts across the country have been giving students laptops to use in the classroom and at home. But for many of these students, there’s no point in taking the laptops with them at the end of the day because they can’t […]

Students Use Technology to Hide Activity From Schools and Parents – And Put Everyone at Risk

By: Steve Meany, CEO From dodging questions about what they do online to covering their phones when an adult enters the room, kids take all sorts of action to hide their digital behavior, and they’re often far better at it than adults are aware of. With a majority of kids now online at least once […]

Ready or Not, Classrooms are Going Digital

By: Steve Meany, CEO There are approximately 3.1 million public school teachers in the U.S., and many of them don’t know a whole lot about computer science. Does that automatically disqualify them from teaching the subject? Many experts say no. While it can be difficult for teachers to feel fully comfortable teaching students a subject […]