11th Annual ITS Charity Golf Tournament – May 18, 2017

Information Transport Solutions, Inc. (ITS) will host its 11th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on May 18, 2017 at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Prattville, Ala. Registration and lunch start at 11:00am, and golfers will tee off at 1:00pm.  The Legislator course will be utilized for play. All proceeds from the tournament will benefit: […]

E-rate Funding: Technology Helps Students Learn in a Safe Environment

By: Steve Meany, CEO As educators know, if you want to motivate and inspire students, it’s essential to keep them engaged. In a tech-driven world, that means utilizing laptops, tablets, and smartphones in and outside the classroom. Schools across the country have or plan to implement 1:1 and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions that allow them to […]

Don’t Let Funding Challenges Prevent You From Submitting an E-rate Application

By: Steve Meany, CEO The 2017 E-Rate season is officially underway. The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) has announced this year’s deadlines for Form 470 and Form 471 submission: April 13, 2017, for the former and May 11, 2017, for the latter. Although E-rate is a great way to fund technology improvements for schools and […]

Technology in the Classroom is Exciting But Requires Funding: E-rate Can Help

By: Steve Meany, CEO The days of blackboards and textbooks are a blur as technology takes over the classroom. Teaching methods are likewise evolving as students use interactive whiteboards and digital textbooks. With things like 3-D imaging and blended reality becoming available, the future of education is coming at us fast. As a result, it […]

Important E-rate Classification Waivers Issued for FY2017

By: Steve Meany, CEO The classification standards established in the Funding Year (FY) 2017 Eligible Services List (ESL) raise two major concerns: Connections between schools and/or libraries located in separate buildings are now considered Category One services regardless of whether they cross a public right-of-way. Connections between schools and/or libraries located in the same building […]

Improve Quality of Life for Nursing Home Residents Using Federal Technology Funds

By: Steve Meany, CEO Seniors Benefit From Internet Usage Seniors can receive significant benefits from Internet usage, particularly those in a nursing home setting. Common examples range from an increased number of positive learning experiences to an increased sense of connection to the rest of the world. That makes the Internet a powerful tool for […]

How to Be Sure Your School Complies With E-Rate Cybersecurity Requirements

By: Steve Meany, CEO The E-Rate program has $3.9 billion worth of funding available to schools and libraries, and we encourage as many schools as possible to apply for the funding. High-speed internet is no longer a luxury, but a requirement in today’s classrooms.  However, as you apply for the funding, beware that any school […]

2 Keys to Winning E-Rate Funding for Your School System

By: Steve Meany, CEO Technology changes every day. Keeping school network infrastructure up-to-date with the latest tools and services can prove challenging for even the most affluent districts. For many rural communities, working with archaic systems has been accepted as the status quo. These districts simply don’t have the capital to invest in new technology, […]

5 Questions to Test Your School IT 2017 Preparations

By: Steve Meany, CEO It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is over and we’re already a week into the New Year. Students, teachers, and staff have already returned to their classrooms for another busy semester of learning. At ITS, we know the last thing you want to do after returning from your winter […]